co parenting conflict mediation

Co-Parenting in the 2020s

Parenting in the 2020s is tough! There are a host of challenges and issues that most of us never had to face when we were growing up. Why does my 13-year-old need her own Instagram account?  How many texts can a 15-year-old send in a day? Is it true that your 9-year-old is really “the […]
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peacekeeping conflict mediation

Peacemaking vs. Peacekeeping

Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel to regions such as the Golan Heights and Kosovo; places where there is a large contingent of peacekeeping forces present because of past conflict. Basically, the role of the peacekeeping force is to keep the opposing parties apart. Essentially they serve as a buffer between […]
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PDS conflict mediation


Today is a good day! It’s a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the spring flowers are up. All in all, it is one of those, “It’s good to be alive” kind of days. I am relishing it even more than usual because 3 weeks ago I […]
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Listening conflict mediation

The Lost Art of Listening

Recently my wife and I were flying home on a late-night flight after being away for a long weekend, and what I really wanted was to get some sleep on the flight. This proved to be difficult, however, because 2 rows behind me a fellow traveler was snoring…loudly. As I listened to him (at least […]
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keeping conflict out of the hot zone

Keeping Conflict Out of the Hot Zone

One of the gauges on the dashboard of your car monitors the temperature of the engine. A quick glance will tell you if the temperature is within the range that is “normal” or “safe”. It’s not unusual for the temperature to increase somewhat if you are pulling a heavy load or climbing a steep hill, […]
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apology conflict mediation

The 6 A’s of a Good Apology

One of my favorite TV shows growing up was “Happy Days”, and like most teenage males, the character I admired the most was Arthur Fonzarali aka “The Fonz.” While he was the epitome of cool, he did have one serious character flaw- he could never admit he was wrong. He could never bring himself to […]
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