Divorce Mediation Client

"When my husband (now former) and I went seeking a mediator to help us with our divorce we had no idea where to begin. Dave is gentle and thoughtful as he guides you through the many, many details which must be worked out, and ultimately agreed upon. He knows the process well, and was able to answer every single question we had, of which there were many! He was always efficient and focused, without pushing us to make decisions too quickly as they would dramatically impact our respective futures. Quite simply, we could NOT have worked this through, just the two of us at home. Yet, Dave made it possible for us to avoid the high-priced lawyers & court systems.  And while this process worked well for us, it made things exponentially better for our 3 children than battles, fights, and a drawn-out divorce would have been!! It is all behind us now and I can confidently say this is exactly how I would have hoped things would go. Truly, I cannot recommend Dave Williams highly enough!"

Business Mediation Client

"The third generation of our family business had different ideas about the future direction of the company.  Dave did a great job of coming in and helping us see each others' points of view and move forward as a team."

Marriage Coaching Client

"Dave brought hope to our family again. He helped us find a path toward peace and renewed relationships. We were broken, we needed help, and he helped us begin our journey towards healing and renewed trust. We couldn't have traveled that road or made the strides we did without his help. I'm grateful for his perspective, his manner, his genuine caring, and his ability to see things clearly. With his help, we've found a new road of hope toward healing. His presence and attention have been invaluable to me, to our family. Thank you, Dave!"

Mediation Client

"Nobody wants to need a mediator, but when the need arises, Dave is the kind of guy you want. Straightforward, calm, pastoral, and able to think strategically about the best case scenario for all parties. He makes crucial conversations as painless as possible."

Mediation Client

"To anyone thinking of going through Dave for mediation, just do it! I can't thank Dave enough for the service he provided for my family and I. From the start, he made us feel comfortable, and that was definitely one of our biggest concerns going into this. Never once did we feel judged. Dave listened, was attentive, and had a great sense of humor. I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that my family and I could have such a difficult conversation and remain calm and actually come to an agreement at the end of it all. It's only been a week since we met with Dave, but I feel like I have my family back and our relationship is thriving."

Mediation Client

"Dave did an excellent job helping me and my spouse mediate a separation and then later a legal separation. He helped keep the conversations moving in a productive direction and represented the interests of our child when he felt either one of us may need reminding. He did have a minor issue writing out a very complicated arrangement for the sale of our house and my lawyer rewrote it. But overall, I trust Dave for his excellent ability to help two very different people get on the same page."

Mediation Client

"Dave offered suggestions and options at a time that was very confusing and scary, and provided unbiased ideas and feedback that helped me focus my choices. My employment situation was/is complex and in our initial meeting he was able to offer professional and objective support."

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